Tips for Finding the Right Doctor

Finding the right doctor isn’t easy—and it shouldn’t be. You are putting your life, and health, in someone else’s hands. You need to feel confident that this person is skilled and qualified enough to give you the care you deserve. You should “shop” for a doctor the same you would a lawyer or even a good mechanic. Your relationship with your primary care doctor is one of the most important professional relationships you will develop.

What to Consider When Finding a New Doctor

People spend more time shopping for a new car than they do “shopping” for the right primary doctor. A primary care doctor helps keep you healthy and provides a “home base” for all of your medical needs. Knowing what to look for when selecting a new doctor is critical. Here are a few things to remember when searching for a new doctor in Olney, Maryland.

What to Remember When Searching for a New Doctor

Call around to several different doctors’ offices. Don’t stop at the very first doctor you find on Google. Consider your choices.  Is the phone answered by a live, friendly, caring person?  Remember you need a friendly and competent staff to help you wind your way through the complicated web of medical care to get appointments, schedule tests, fill prescriptions, and handle insurance properly.  The quality of the staff you encounter tells you a lot about the quality of the doctor and the medical services you will receive.

Ask for references!  Talk to family, friends, and co-workers and see what primary doctor they chose.  Is the doctor rated Top Doctor?  When checking references on the internet, ask yourself are there enough reviews to accurately reflect on the doctor.  Look for ratings that have over fifty reviews.

Ask about the doctor’s credentials.  You should always make sure your doctor has credentials and is properly licensed.  A Board Certified Internist is an expert in the field of adult medicine.  Did you know that cardiologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, and cancer specialists have to become board certified internists first?  Did you know that internists are known for being excellent diagnosticians and are commonly known as the doctors that other doctors go to?  And don’t forget about the credentials of their staff; more and more primary care practices have replaced experienced seasoned registered nurses with years of training with medical assistants who have had  just a few weeks of training.

Talk to your doctor about insurance plans.  Does the doctor accept Medicare?  If you use out of network benefits, are they discounted through a service such as PHCS or Multiplan which can save you a lot of out- of- pocket money?  It is more and more common for doctors to charge an extra fee to keep their practices smaller and manageable and to retain experienced staff.  Having a doctor who doesn’t see as many patients gives you the ability to receive same day appointments and for him to spend more time taking care of you.

Look for a doctor who has good bedside manner.  You don’t want a doctor who just comes into the room, tells you that you have something wrong, gives you a prescription and then walks out. You also don’t want to be the one always telling your doctor what to do.  You want to look for a doctor who will take the time to sit down with you and discuss all of your health concerns and all of the possible treatments.  Good medical care is a partnership.

Make sure your doctor’s approach to healing is consistent with your views and philosophies and that he is an expert in his field.  Does your doctor have a holistic approach to your health?  Your doctor should share the same beliefs you have on the body and healing.  Does your doctor write a medical blog or conduct “Grand Rounds” at local hospitals to educate other doctors?

Do you get to see your doctor?  In many practices, particularly those run by large entities such as hospitals, you may be seen most of the time by a physician assistant or nurse practitioner.  Be mindful that these non-physicians have a fraction of the training and experience of a Board Certified Internist.  This can result in important diagnoses being missed or delayed, or the reverse – unnecessary testing.

Top Doctor in Olney, Maryland

It is important to consider the kind of care you are looking for and where you are looking to get that care. Everyone should spend time “shopping around” for a primary care doctor to find the right fit.  Making the right, lasting relationship with your doctor is important for long-term quality health care.

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