Core Physical Training Done Right:

Justin_The importance of core strength can’t be overstated. However, with soo much misinformation, fad diets and exercises out there, it can be confusing as to what core training is truly about.

The core is much more than just the abdominal or “six pack” muscles. It is actually a collection of muscles that’s main purpose is to stabilize the spine. The spine is essentially the chassis of the body. It is responsible for transmitting forces from the lower extremities and upper extremities. If there is weakness in the core musculature, compensations and movement dysfunctions and injuries can arise. Luckily, there are many ways to safely and effectively train the core, no matter what your current fitness level is.

Below is a great video featuring Professor Stuart McGill speaking about the spine, and the core musculature’s role in keeping it safe and secure.

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Hope this was beneficial. Enjoy!

– Justin

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