Welcome to Seneca Wellness & FItness

Seneca Physical Therapy, long known for their expertise in rehabilitating injured elite and recreational athletes, developed Senecca Wellness and Fitness Center over 10 years ago and opened it to their patients and the general public.

Seneca Wellness and Fitness Center merges the world of fitness with the science of physical therapy, making exercise safer and more effective for their clients.

Your individual program is designed under the guidance and input of an exercise physiologist in a clinical environment. The individualized program is closely monitored, reviewed, and revised to meet your increased level of fitness.

Exclusive to members of OlneyMyWellness they will discount their current monthly membership fee by $7 per month and waive the joining fee.

Call them at 240-361-0668 and ask to speak with Robert or visit them at their website at Seneca Wellness & Fitness