Questions About Blood Work Drawn At Our Office

BloodworkDespite that eye catching photo there really is no drama involved in getting your blood work done at Olney Medical.  For your convenience our skilled and pleasant phlebotomist Brittany is present every day that we are open from 8:00 to Noon.  No appointment is necessary.

We are now sending lab specimens collected in our office to Everest Medical Lab, Boston Heart Lab and Singulex Lab. We may use one or all of these labs for your blood work.  We have chosen these labs for their high level of service and their cutting edge technologies, which help us to catch diabetes and heart disease at its earliest stages, and importantly their affordability for our patients.

These advanced tests do require more time to come back and you may also note that an extra tube or two of blood will be drawn than you may be used to. If you are having your bloodwork for an upcoming physical please try and have your blood drawn at least two weeks in advance so that we will have the results ready for your visit.   If your blood sugar or cholesterol is being tested try and not eat for 8 hours – but stay well hydrated by drinking water or black coffee.

Since Everest, Boston Heart, and Singulex labs are not in network for some insurance plans, you may receive an Explanation of Benefits (or EOB) from your insurance company showing a large sum that was not covered by your insurance company for your lab work. You can ignore this sum because Everest, Boston Heart and Singulex normally do not send out bills to our patients.  If you see the word “pathology” in your insurance company EOB do not be concerned; some insurance company computers such as Carefirst routinely code blood tests as “pathology”.  AGAIN, YOU SHOULD NOT RECEIVE  BILLS FROM THESE LABS FOR YOUR LAB WORK.   Your only obligation to prevent being billed is to forward any checks you might receive from your insurance company to the appropriate lab. In such cases kindly endorse the check and mail it with a copy of Explanation of Benefits to the appropriate lab:

Everest Medical Lab 99-107 Glendale Ave, Edison, NJ 08817 Phone 732-777-9222
Boston Heart Boston Heart Diagnostics P.O.Box 842856 Boston, MA 02284-2856 Phone 508-877-8711 x337

Singulex, 1701 Harbor Bay Parkway #200, Alameda, Ca 94501 Phone 510-995-4763

This is a win – win for everyone involved. You get the latest technology tests from cutting edge labs with no financial responsibility to you (while helping to satisfy any deductibles you may have).  Plus, these arrangements allow us to provide on-site phlebotomy so you don’t need to go downstairs and wait in a crowded drawing station.

We Hope this answers any questions you may have. Please contact us via e-mail or phone 301-774-5400 if you have further questions.