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OLNEY MY WELLNESS is a traditional doctor’s office, with a 21st Century Communications edge. Dr. Edward Taubman is an old-fashioned Practitioner who makes Patients feel comfortable because he takes the time to listen carefully to everything that they have to say. Listening is one of the skills that makes him such an excellent diagnostician.

Olney Medical is a traditional doctor’s office offering a holistic approach with a 21st century edge. Call us at 301-774-5400 or Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Saving Your Precious Time –
time2The Doctor and his excellent, long-time OLNEY MY WELLNESS staff know that Patients’ personal time is precious, especially when they need his office to respond now! When Patients have an immediate medical need, they are typically taken care of that very same day. Also blood draws are done onsite, saving even more Patient time. A complete physical can be scheduled within weeks not months. Because diagnoses are accurate, Patients don’t spend precious time and money going elsewhere for unnecessary procedures or tests.

Office Credentials that Serve You Well -

topdoc2014It is easy to say that a Doctor and his or her staffers are “friendly and caring” but we have hundreds of testimonials to that effect on ZocDoc. OLNEY MY WELLNESS staffers are not only the friendly, helpful people you hope to find, and often can’t at a Medical Office, they are expert in their fields, friendly and experienced.

There are more precise, objective measures of Dr. Taubman’s capabilities and skills. When Patients and other Doctor’s evaluated him for the “Washingtonian” and “Checkbook” magazines, the rating was ‘Top Doctor‘ in the Greater Washington Area for years 2008-2014. This sequence of honors speak to the consistent and exceptional quality of the Practice.

Accessing Relevant Communications –
Some Patients are at ease with the use of computers. PB100336When they are … it is simple to make an appointment online 24/7 from their pc or smart phone, ask for refills, or otherwise communicate with our Top Doctor staff. Dr. Taubman regularly writes a medical Blog and communicates information that is vital to Patients’ lives via a weekly e-mail, facebook and twitter. Others prefer the personal over the phone touch with caring staff who know them by name.

Dr. Taubman has researched this country’s top health and wellness programs.
Then he created a Membership Practice that embodies both the expected Medical
Services as well as those that are unexpected. There are three connected elements.

  1. A Core Mission of Excellent Top Doctor Primary Care for the Treatment and Prevention of illness
  2. A Secondary Network that includes services to help you stay, look, and feel well including a Nutritionist, Weight Loss Program, Chiropractor, Mental Health Experts
  3. A Tertiary Network comprised of services such as discounted Fitness Centers, Yoga, Reiki, Acupuncture, Spinning, Personal Trainers, even a local Medical Spa… and moremassagewarmstone

Aspen Hill Club2spinning2

A Modest Membership Fee  -

$90 quarterly for the first family member that joins. A second family member may be added for $60 and a third for $30. These modest fees enable the office to see half as many patients as a typical primary care office and employ the skilled and dedicated OLNEY MY WELLNESS staff that provide the extra services that Dr. Taubman has assembled to keep you looking and feeling well.reiki

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