Welcome New Patient!

Olney Medical provides quality private health care to patients in Olney, Maryland. We are excited to begin this relationship as we embark on a healthy journey, together.

Preparing for Your First Visit?

We are thrilled to have first time patients at Olney Medical. Here are a few things to remember before your first visit:

  • Please remember to bring a picture I.D and your insurance card with you to your first visit with Dr. Taubman.
  • Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your appointment so that we can ask you a few questions about your health history. If you have your health records from a previous doctor, you can bring those along as well.
  • Bring a list of the medications you are currently taking, as well as a list of the medications you are allergic to.

A Different Model with Fewer Patients

Here at Olney Medical we offer personalized care and near immediate access to one of Washington’s Top Docs. As a board certified internist with over 30 years of experience, Dr. Taubman can diagnose and treat a multitude of problems. Dr. Taubman is an old-fashioned practitioner who likes making patients feel comfortable and taking the time to actually listen to all of their concerns.

We are a private health care practice. What does that mean? We charge a small quarterly fee in order to join our practice. By doing sowe have the time to invest in each patient’s care while developing a one-on-one relationship with them.  We offer a no obligation,  first-time visit because we want you to know what you’re getting when you sign up with Olney Medical.

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Our program ensures:

  • Responsiveness – we are available to take same-day doctor’s appointment.
  • Accessibility – 24-hour telephone access to Dr. Taubman.
  • Convenience – email access for non-emergent care.
  • Quality – Dr. Taubman will complete an extensive medical history review and physical exam for new patients.

We look forward to seeing you in our office to learn more about our services and our unique practice model. We promise, you will never want to go back to crowded waiting rooms or impersonal doctors after you meet with us! If you have any questions or concerns prior to your appointment, please call us at 301-774-5400.